Monday, November 5, 2012

French Fried Inspiration - A Manifesto

French Fried Inspiration
It’s all about balance- some times you need to run uphill and some times you need to slide down it
Notice small details- good ideas are a compilation of small inspirations
Follow intuition- the right answers some times cannot be explained
Travel- small, or big short, or long, with new perspectives comes new inspirations
Create inspiration- through interaction, emersion, or observation
Meet new people- networking can open new doors, challenge you and keep you moving forward
Be with friends- they keep you sane be with them it doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are with them
Listen to music- weird, sad, crappy, loud, soft, all kinds of music keeps you from becoming stagnant
Go Running- some thing about endorphins and lactic acid that makes for a cheap therapist
Ask others for help- a fresh perspective keeps an open mind
Eat good food- whole foods are a powerful fuel for your body and mind
Teach don’t preach- forcing your options upon others crushes creativity, but teaching your techniques to willing students facilitates creativity further
Value the Journey just as much as the destination
Don’t stress about inspiration- a little faith in the creative process can go a long way
If your project really sucks CHANGE it- don’t let pride in your work overrule pride in your project.
Pay Attention to detail- especially in art a small blemish can steal the show
Revisit lost talents- remembering a skill can be a refreshing process
People watch- human interaction is fascinating it can be fluid, painful, beautiful, and awkward, but at least it is always entertaining
Value life’s simple joys- a good cup of coffee, a shot with friends, or the silence of a heavy snowfall
Art should- showcase a talent or a creative perspective
Confidence is important- how you present your ideas have a big effect on how they are perceived
Be dynamic- do not let one singular part of your life become how you are defined
Copy your favorite- colors, angles, patterns, scale, mediums.... the combination makes it your own work
Be excited about your art- if you don’t like your art its probably isn’t very cool
Simplicity- can be stronger then you think
If you make some thing or do some thing you don’t like- remember it does not have to define you, do it better next time
Share- tell your friends about things you love, or discover new inspirations together
Always learn new things- if you are feeling bored do some thing about it. It can be as easy as trying to cook a meal you have never had before.
Start with a sketch- even if the next step looks nothing like your sketch. It gives you direction
Steal from yourself- take parts of your old projects and use them to enhance your new vision

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have a new blog... Just for my everyday life, and the little things that inspire me and keep the drive to be creative alive. I just got on Tumblr and now im slightly addicted and jazzed up about it it if you will haha.

So go check it out and hopefully we can share some inspiration/motivation;


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Season Edit

Season edit of myself from 2011/2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Leadville CO

Just a fun little design to keep the creative juices flowing. This photo was my first attempt at an HDR photo. It is taken on the back porch of my parents house wich is pretty awesome. Not sure if I got lucky or forgot how to exicute HDR photos but ever sense the first try I have not had any success.