Monday, June 10, 2013

Electronic art and skiing come together

Studding electronic art has opened my eyes up to the fine art side of the internet and electronics. I have always had a love for fine art and its ability to push interaction and understanding of your own brain. The 2nd party interaction that occurs between an audience and a piece of work has alway been a side of art that fascinates me. The story or concept that is conjured up when looking at a piece can be exactly as the artist wanted dreamed it to be or in the totally oposite direction. This open ended interaction is some thing I find a lot of value in.
I have a love for skiing that is rivaled by few things so natural most of my free time is spent either skiing or in the warmer parts of the year watching ski edits. I came across this super rad video on a TGR video contest. The skier is Sage Cattabriga-Alosa who is alway fun to watch but in this edit added in what I would call another dimension of sorts when talking about how creativity is expressed through skiing. The start of the edit is your run of the mill artsy fartsy ski edit with slowmo and all that good jazz. The skiing is sweet and all but as far as an edit nothing crazy. Where this edit stands out for me is the night shoot where they are using color projectors to project what seems to me like art work crated by Sage for the graphics of his pro model ski. He then skis through the graphics putting slashes with turns and you could even say reworking his artwork into another stage.
The blend between electronic arts and skiing is some thing that is really exciting for me and I am super stoked that some one was bold enough to give it a shot. Especially because there has been a recent uprising of people getting bored with ski films and the lack of some thing new.
Take a few mins to watch and let me know what you think. CLICK TO WATCH
Also if you are a fan of skiing make sure and check out Dale Talkingtons edit its pretty unreal. -Zach-

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  1. Cool stuff he did on his video. Thoughtful piece on your side!